About DomainShare

About DomainShare

Dot TK DomainShare is used to register free .TK domain names for others. It's not only used by Internet hosting providers and Internet access providers to register unlimited free domain names for their customers, but also by a wide range of other software developers that use DomainShare within their applications.

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  • Use your own DNS servers to host .TK names.
  • Unlimited number of free domains can be registered under your account.
  • Domains registered under the DomainShare program do not have a minimum hits requirement. They will only expire at the actual expiration date.
  • Registration of domains is done by web interface or by simple HTTPS POST API.
  • Availability of easy-to-use libraries in Java, Perl, Ruby, Python, PHP and .NET ASP.
  • Dot TK is already implemented with various hosting panel and billing systems. Please check out the technical information

Earn money with DomainShare!

As a DomainShare registrant you can:

  • earn revenue on expired domain names. On a domain name that is no longer used a parking page with ads, relevant to the previous content, will be displayed. You earn from valid clicks on the ads on these parking pages.
  • manually cancel domains of customers that have no content. If you manually cancel domain that have no content Dot TK will show a parking page with advertisements, increasing your earnings even more.

Payments to you:

  • All DomainShare payments are made to a registered and verified PayPal account or to any bank account in the world
  • All DomainShare payments are made in US Dollars only
  • All DomainShare payments are made once a month (end of the month for the previous calendar month)

Domain Life-Cycle

Your user visits your website or application.
Your user checks if domain is available.
You register domain with API, manually or with a hosting panel or billing system. You register a domain for 1-12 months and can renew the domain as many times as you want: for free!
Your user confirms his Dot TK registration by clicking a link in a Dot TK email.
After some time the domain name is expired. Once the domain is expired a parking page will be shown with ads relevant to the previous content.
You will earn real cash on all clicks on these advertisements.

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Please review the technical information. It has all valuable information about the DomainShare API, library information, and hosting panel and billing systems integration.

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